UX Design

UX (User Experience) is fundamentally the process of creating digital experiences that provide meaningful and emotional experiences to your users. The entire design process starting with user research all the way through to launching a product - but that's just the start...

Good design doesn't have to be costly... focusing on your users' needs is a problem half solved.

Matt LangerLead UX Architect

User Research & Strategy

You may have seen those pretty, little, colourful post-it notes on walls in work labs…well we also have those. Before we even think about design solutions, we dig deep and build those emotional links between your customers and your product through full discovery processes with a focus on qualitative and quantitative insights. Users' needs are what will ultimately drive your customers to making that purchase, or booking a valuation, or simply registering an interest. Making the most out of your users’ time on your website cannot be underestimated, and we think smart.

Information Architecture and Prototypes

Our years of experience and fountain of knowledge in UX allows us to implement IA at the highest level to give your customers a premium user experience. We can user test these solutions through multiple industry-leading tools to inform and ensure that we have created the ultimate user experience.

Refinement & Implementation

Every touch point of your digital solution matters. Refining the journey early makes your product even better for when you finally launch to the public. A full design build from our development team will make your website, application or software ready for lift off. If you require specific functionality, we have the capabilities and resource to make it happen.

Continuous Optimisation

A launch of your product is an incredibly exciting and proud feeling…but this is only the beginning. Our access to tools can monitor how your users behave, measure success, where they may exit certain flows, giving us valuable data to be able to draw conclusions and ultimately refine your product. UX never sleeps…it breathes forever.

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