UX, UI, Product Lead

Matthew Langer

An accomplished Creative UX/UI Lead Designer with over 20 years’ experience in commercial design, eCommerce and digital solutions, having worked on high-profile projects for leading B2C, B2B companies within automotive, real-estate, tech, distributor, broadcast, manufacturing, gaming, pharma, retail, telecom and fashion organisations worldwide.

During this time, I have gained a proven track record of success increasing conversions of KPIs, by using my creative talents and the ability to work efficiently and effectively within strict budgets and whilst meeting tight deadlines, leading teams and projects to great success.

I have had key responsibilities in leading & facilitating UX discovery workshops and focus groups, extensive user-focused research, lo-fi and hi-fidelity wire-framing, advanced prototyping & animations, broad user-testing methods through to full UI design deliverables and web builds.

Highlights include leading the UX and creative direction of online campaign experiences for Audi.co.uk, including its’ RS3, R8, Q7 and A4 models - winning AutoTrader’s 2016 Best Manufacturer Digital Customer Experience Award and being part of a 3 man team to be sent to Arizona, Phoenix, to design and prototype technical solutions for Avnet.com, the world’s largest distributor of electronic components. Most recently disrupting the real estate industry through innovation at OnTheMarket and launching the new National Lottery draw-based game ‘Set For Life’.

User Research & Strategy

You may have seen those pretty, little, colourful post-it notes on walls in work labs… well I'm very accustomed to them. Before thinking about design solutions, I dig deep and build those emotional links between your customers and your product through full discovery processes with a focus on qualitative and quantitative insights. Users' needs are what will ultimately drive your customers to making that purchase, or booking a valuation, or simply registering an interest. Making the most out of your users’ time on your website cannot be underestimated, and I've been fortunate to have worked with some great clients across diverse industries.

Ideation, IA and Prototypes

Creativity is about journeying through stimuli with a possible abstract or unseen destination in mind. To come up with as many innovative design solutions as possible I conduct and facilitate ideation sessions — thinking outside the box! Ideation represents a key transitional step from learning about your users and the problem.

Developing information architecture (IA) is a key stage of my UX process; a visual representation of the product’s infrastructure, features, and hierarchy. Once journey mapped the IA, this makes it easier to make key decisions for new features and implementations; ultimately defining a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Producing high-fidelity clickable prototypes through industry leading software (Axure, Sketch, Figma, XD), allows me to demonstrate to stakeholders how the final product would look and function.

Refinement & Implementation

User testing the prototypes through various methods, allows for great insight into the usability of the product. I have used low-budget third-party tools to achieve valuable Qual & Quant feedback allowing for a refinement stage to make your product even better, for when you finally launch to the public.

Continuous Optimisation

A launch of your product is an incredibly exciting and proud feeling…but this is only the beginning. Using data tools can monitor how your users behave, measure success, where they may exit certain flows, giving valuable data to be able to draw conclusions and ultimately refine your product. UX never sleeps…it breathes forever.

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