Develop a Global Experience Language (GEL) that would be implemented across all locales, including a rebrand that feels more premium; that reveals stories behind the bricks and cues brand quality.

Version Control + Commits

Implementing a version control system would allow designers and developers to collaborate more effectively and efficiently through multiple stages of project timelines.

GEL Vision

We produced a series of animations to show a vision of our Global Language that would transform the online presence of Purplebricks. We start to create a more simple, clean design that cues brand quality and establishes an own-able look and feel

Mega Menu

Navigation was extremely important to help users find the information they required. From initial user research, including surveys and remote user testing, we were able to determine which criteria they wanted to explore and how they would access this information. Our solution was a mega menu that would lead with the most common questions from various user profiles (sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords whilst bringing in dynamic components to show social proof.