Book a free valuation, one of the business’ KPIs, the aim was to transform a complex process of selling a home, simple from the start.

Discovering Pain Points

Key findings from user research paved the way to bring certain features into the book valuation flow whilst streamlining the current journey. These would entail educating users on what to expect from a valuation and highlighting social proof, showing the quality of Local Experts and performance of Purplebricks. Whilst stakeholders were keen to drive instructions during the valuation booking process, implementing A/B testing and heat-maps allowed us to gain valuable insights to tailor the customer journey.

Mobile First

With an increasing number of Purplebricks customers using smartphones, we had to make sure the user experience super-seeded any other. Streamlining the booking process to minimal steps including social signup verification, would set the precedent for a premium user flow consistent across all devices.

Responsive Design

User insights showed desktop users on higher resolutions screens. We wanted to create a clean, intuitive user journey whilst adhering to the Purplebricks brand through lifestyle imagery in which we diluted for the mobile-led experience. UI animations would give customers a slick, gratifying interface when booking a home valuation.

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