Leading the UX of Purplebricks’ global website; a complete redesign and redevelopment to set a new digital presence and identity amongst it’s competitors – as the UK’s no.1 online estate agent.

Discovery + User Testing

User research was carried out to determine what information is fundamental to users when looking to sell their home. Customers' pain points was a particular focus, to reduce friction in key user flows; ultimately driving conversions of booking a free valuation and instructing Purplebricks. We gained valuable qualitative and quantitative data via on-site surveys, GA data, heat maps, focus group studies and workshops.

Social Proof

Evidence showed social proof to play a key role in reassuring and convincing customers that Purplebricks is reliable, honest, and everything it claims to be. By simply entering a postcode, we were able to serve up valuable data for our 4 main pillars - Price, Proof, Product and People.


Customer insight shows users wanting full transparency of costs and savings, personalised to their location. Selling a house for a fixed fee sounded too good to be true (the words of some customers). We created calculator widgets where a postcode entry would translate a personalised fee.


One of the first things customers search for is how the Purplebricks process works. Clear step by step instructions would allow a complicated process of selling a house – seem simple. We created a straightforward 'How it works' journey to provide customers with the appropriate information.


With over 50,000 positive Trustpilot and Feefo reviews, customer feedback would go a long way in reassuring customers they should sell with Purplebricks. We were able to localise the reviews based on seller's location enabling greater confidence in their local market.


Insights were clear that customers want to know who would be selling their home. How much experience do the experts have, and ultimately, are they real people? Using a postcode entry, we were able to personalise data showing dedicated Local Experts working in the seller's location, demonstrating an abundance of market knowledge.

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