To identify the ‘moments that matter’ in customers’ lives across their end-to-end journey so that Purplebricks can provide a category-leading customer experience.

Live Market AR

From customer insights, we identified some initial ‘moments that matter’, first impressions being one of them. A brilliant beginning for all prospective and new customers. Offering Augmented Reality technology to allow buyers and sellers to view market data of properties and location so that they can best decide where to buy.

Activity Map Live

Demonstrating social proof in customers' location would allow Purplebricks to communicate how active they are as an estate agent all over the UK. We created an Activity Map, using live location data to show types of properties sold, Local Experts assigned to specific areas, reviews and valuations booked. User research highlighted the activity map would dispel fears and misconceptions about Purplebricks as an established superior estate agent.

Home Truths: Interactive Trivia

Transforming Purplebricks FAQs into a unique standalone experience, allowed us to think of a way for users to interact and digest content without losing interest. We decided to gamify the experience through a series of interactive questions where players would test their knowledge whilst being educated on Purplebricks services.

Virtual Viewings

Virtual Viewings is a vision to allow potential buyers view a property sooner, without waiting for a Local Expert to be available in person. Providing details of appliances, fixtures, fittings within the property can help the buyer decide on whether they want to purchase. Integrating virtual floor plans with touch-point interactions can also be viewed through Virtual Reality headsets for a fully immersive experience.

Local Expert Assistant

User research highlighted excessive amount of cancellations through to a lack of communication between the Local Expert and the seller. Local Experts may turn up to a valuation without knowing the sellers' whereabouts. Providing a smart AI assistant would help build the relationship, keeping both parties in the loop through a simple app interface with realtime location tracking similar to Uber on the day of a valuation.

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