Introducing OnTheMarket Streams, allowing users to search for properties in a more immersive way, whilst giving agents a new platform for content creation.

Beating the competition

Innovating constantly, we saw an opportunity to apply the stickiness of social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts to the real estate industry. To give users a better feel for a property, allowing them to explore video content easily within the industry has never been done before in this manner. According to qualitative data, videos and 3D tours boost viewing leads and quality. The platform would eventually become the go-to tool for agents to upload video walkthroughs via their CRM or Expert B2B software. Several ideation sessions were held to define a wide range of features for phase 1, as well as a road map for more ambitious features.

Wireframes, Prototypes, Design

By mapping out flows and forming designs, the user experience was made as fluid as the main social media app. Developing proptypes of animations and transitions was a key part of communicating the usability to Android and iOS developers.

Streams In Action

See OnTheMarket Streams in action...