OnTheMarket Software, formerly Teclet, as part of its increasing focus on software as one of the pillars of platform’s strategy to build a differentiated, technology-enabled property business.

B2B and B2C solutions: TecCRM, TecLet, TecHub, TecWeb.


TecHub allows consumers, whether they be buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants, to transact directly with the platforms to bring automation and 24/7 transacting to agency businesses, including interactive conveyancing and sales progression. UX, processes consisted of discovery--ideation--design phases for each persona profile (Seller, Buyer, Tenant, Landlord).


As a seller, the user can access their 'Tracker' to see where they are in the selling process, from valuation through to completion. Every step of the process will show the seller if there are any 'ToDos', which can include instructing an agent, seeing feedback from viewings, or accepting an offer. By digitizing an end-to-end sales journey in an intuitive and user-friendly way, agent tasks will also be visible to sellers. Upon completion, a date ladder notifies key dates of their tenancy, along with any necessary actions.


This tracker works similarly to sellers', with the addition of a countdown timer to help tenants complete key tasks such as reference checks and holding deposits.