Leading the UX to prototype a Triage Tool for the National Career Service, helping citizens find and explore career advice, personalised to their current life situation.

Discovery Process

After researching a selection of high profile careers' websites, we ran a series of user testing sessions with screened candidates to understand their behaviours and needs when looking for career advice and which tools would help their personal situations. We collated the qualitative data and discovered a series of common patterns that would ultimatley lead into the ideation process.


Ideation workshops were remotely facilitated to explore the findings from the user research phase, and ideate around key touch points of users' needs. With the government platform lacking in innovation, there was an opportunity to use current UX trends to deliver engaging user experiences that would encourage personalised user content. Concepts were ideated around Dashboard user experiences, top FAQ mega menus to help users find content fast and efficiently, onboarding wizards and timeline journeys to allow users explore content to reach their end goal.

Concept development

With further user testing sessions conducted remotely, the dashboard concepts resonated best with users as they could filter and find tailored content quickly and efficiently. Using qualitative feedback, these concepts were developed even further to produce a high fidelity proof of concept.

Heroku Prototype

Using the GDS toolkit, a high fidelity prototype was produced for the organisation.