Deliver engaging real-time interactive, immersive experiences for major eSport events globally across multiple platforms.

Journey Mapping: Twitch Extension

The brief from the client entailed to create a high-level of engagement with eSport fans and gamers during live broadcast of streams throughout their hosted tournaments. Esports have become one of the most rapidly growing forms of new media driven by the growing provenance of online games and broadcasting technologies. One avenue was through the popular Twitch platform. Using ESL data, the concept was to create an extension on Twitch to discover a plethora of real-time statistics to immerse the viewer and keep tracks on their favourite players and teams. Through user research & competitor analysis, we started with journey mapping the data and subsequently moved into ideation and lo-fidelity wire-framing.

Hi-fidelity Designs

Whilst keeping within the ESL brand guidelines, hi-fidelity designs were produced incorporating participating teams for the Dota 2 ESL tournament at Birmingham 2020. The designs would seamlessly adapt to forthcoming tournaments with varying gaming structures (knockouts/ leagues etc).

Key Player Performance

Player cards were designed which would be the main attraction of the widget. Each player would have an Index value % which is calculated through key performance indicators (the 3 top KPIs of each player would be presented within the card). A design system was created to show positive and negative performances. 0-49% would indicate the player is deteriorating, whilst 51-100% signals the player is having a high impact. The teams average index value would impact the team overall win probability %. These stats would resonate with players and fans, notably hard-core Dota 2 gamers.

In Action

The interactive widget in action during a live broadcast event.

Virtual Reality

During Live competitive streams, a user can use their VR headset to launch themselves in an immersive studio arena, where they can view multiple simultaneous match with Real-Time Player Index Stats in a 360° viewport.