How much does it cost to sell your home with Purplebricks and what’s included in the fixed fee? We were tasked with building an engaging experience that answers both.

User Research Methods

Full discovery and user research processes were carried out to obtain valuable insights (qualitative and quantitative) around the cost of selling with Purplebricks, including capturing user stories, heat maps on existing experiences, Google Analytics, creating on-site surveys. From this user research sketching we sketched multiple user flows and ultimately produced a series of hi-fidelity wireframes would allow us to prototype and subsequently test with remote users for validation.

Commerce Approach

A number of concepts were explored with foundations based on commerce. Users would be able to explore a range of content (services) whilst learning how it would impact their total cost of selling with Purplebricks. Users are able to add 'upgrades' and see total transparency of fees and savings they can make in comparison to traditional high-street estate agents, a key concern raised from user research.

Immersive Configurators

Full screen engaging experiences are becoming very popular to cascade information and visualise data. This concept would essentially give users an immersive way to flick between standard options and 'add-ons' whilst seeing cost and savings change in real-time. We were able to quantify from user research which information users want to explore and whether those features would have an impact on their total cost of selling.

Prototype: Desktop

Hi-fidelity prototypes were created to enable us to test the user experience and validate the user research conducted.

Test Prototype

Prototype: Mobile

Testing a mobile prototype was important to determine usability and how users would interact with the interface.

Mobile App

The user experience was adapted for the Purplebricks mobile app, bringing a premium level of interaction design best suited for a richer and fluid app experience, comparable with best in class trends.

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