To design & prototype innovative solutions for, one of the world’s largest global distributors of electronic components.


Parametric Search

Filtering millions of products is never going to be easy. Designing a user experience that takes the customer on an fluid journey was the main aim whilst meeting the business’ expectations. Utilising full width scrollable panels, sticky navigations, overlay modals all aid in delivering an optimised experience. From wire-framing to UI layers, every aspect of design and function was thoroughly planned and executed.

Bill Of Materials

A bill of materials is a list of the raw materials, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. Designing a user journey that has few steps (competitors average 7 steps) with advanced functionality to be able to swap, add and purchase products from the list was very challenging.

A modern drag and drop interface would be the first stage of uploading a BOM. Sticky headers, light-box modals, hierarchy of CTAs and notifications would all play a part in a seamless user journey.

Wireframes to Protoype

Wire-framing user journeys set the foundations to produce high quality, clickable prototypes prior to any budget spend on web builds.