More focus. More drive. The new Audi R8 is all about the drive. The most exhilarating drive that dilates pupils, spikes adrenaline, races hearts and saps oxygen.


Readings taken from one guy’s test drive of the R8 will be brought to life in a premium and impactful manner with installation artists creating beautiful, physical representations of data.

User Journey

A triple rhombus-split landing page guides the user through individual journeys immersed with videos, galleries and interactive elements showing of this premium model. View R8 campaign


Inspirational R8

Collecting physiological data from a driver and passengers during an R8 racetrack lap measured the true thrill of the R8. This data was then used as inspiration for the creation of two R8 themed art installations.

Exhilarating R8

Interactive segments included start/stop engine button to display the phenomenal power of the R8. Engagement was a key criteria in the campaign.