Leading the digital transformation of OnTheMarket creating a new look & feel (inc. brand identity) and insight-led UX delivering best in class, innovative digital products.

Brand Reveal

The redesigned word-mark maintains the core principles of the OnTheMarket identity, evolving the brand into a clean, dynamic, minimalistic form by wrapping the iconic pin around the company name ensuring the OnTheMarket text now stands on its’ own compared to its' predecessor. The wrapping of the pin will become instantly recognisable across certain product features enforcing brand continuity, enhanced further through animating the device dropping vertically into position with a 'thud' sound.

Design System

As part of the rebrand, to set the foundations for a digital transformation across web and app a design system was created consisting of elements and components to enable developers to build the core style that would form the new UI across web and app.

Brand Continuity

One of the key elements of the OnTheMarket logo was to be dynamic. We wanted the wrapping of the pin to be instantly recognisable and adapting this concept to core propositions and features would allow the primary logo to be dynamic.


Interlocking the wrapping pins within a monogram pattern would further enhance brand recognition, enforcing a premium look and feel that would be applied as backdrops and dividers across OnTheMarket products.

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